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At Riverside Eye, we proudly serve the advanced eye care needs of patients from Androscoggin and Oxford Counties and beyond. With locations in Lewiston and Norway, Maine, our mission is to provide comprehensive eye care that enhances your vision and overall eye health.

Under the expert medical direction of Martin Whitaker, M.D., Riverside Eye  is your trusted destination for a wide range of eye care services. Our team is dedicated to the advanced diagnosis, care, and treatment of various eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, wet and dry macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and many other eye diseases. Dr. Whitaker, our optometrists, and our entire staff are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care to preserve and improve your vision.

In addition to our advanced eye disease treatment, our optometrists offer routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, scleral lens fittings, and dry eye treatment.

Why Choose Riverside Eye?

Expertise You Can Trust With Dr. Martin Whitaker and a team of skilled professionals, your eyes are in the hands of experienced specialists.

Comprehensive Eye Care From routine exams to advanced treatments, we cover all aspects of your eye care.

State-of-the-Art Technology We utilize the latest treatments and technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and the best treatment options for your specific needs.

Personalized Care Your vision requirements are unique, and we tailor our approach to provide the care that’s right for you.

Convenient Locations Our clinics in Lewiston and Norway, Maine, make it easy for you to access exceptional eye care close to home.

A Compassionate Approach  We center our approach around treating you with kindness, respect, and utmost care. We are committed to understanding your concerns, providing thoughtful answers to your questions, and engaging in close collaboration with you, always with your well-being at the forefront of our interactions.

Commitment to Excellence Riverside Eye is dedicated to improving not only your vision but your overall quality of life.

At Riverside Eye Center, your vision is our top priority. Discover a clearer, brighter future for your eyes. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference in our patient-centric approach to eye care. Your vision matters to us, and we are here to help you see the world more clearly.

Cataracts cloud the eye’s natural lense, causing blurry vision that can severely interfere with everyday life. To remove cataracts patients must undergo cataract surgery, during which the natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens. Dr. Martin Whitaker is proud to be the only ophthalmologist in Maine to offer dropless cataract surgery. During this procedure, antibiotics are delivered to the eye through an injection rather than eye drops, which significantly reduces the risk of infection.
Glaucoma is caused by a buildup of pressure that damages the eye’s optic nerve over time. This condition often has no early signs or symptoms, causing complete vision lost when left untreated. Regular eye exams with your eye doctor are essential to diagnosing and treating glaucoma before it becomes too late. Dr. Whitaker offers a number of glaucoma treatment options at his Maine offices, including the groundbreaking iStent procedure.

Riverside Eye Center, with Lewiston and Norway, Maine locations, provides the full range and scope of comprehensive eye care services including general eye care and routine eye examinations. There are many factors that can determine how often your eyes should be examined. Experienced ophthalmologist Dr. Whitaker recommends that in order to maintain good eye health and vision, all patients should have routine eye examinations on a regular basis.

Diabetic eye disease refers to a group of eye conditions that impact people with diabetes. Diabetic eye exams are important part of maintaining eye health and vision, and it is recommended that patients with diabetes schedule a comprehensive eye exam at least once every year. Riverside Eye Center is conveniently located for Maine eye care patients in need of exams and treatment of diabetic eye disease.

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