There are numerous benefits to involving your child in sports: they will learn self-confidence, make new friends, and get the experience of being involved in a team. But every year, people are injured in sports-related eye injuries and over 13,000 of those injuries result in permanent vision loss.

April is Sports Eye Safety Month and we are going to focus on how you can keep your child’s eyes safe during sports activities. Many eye injuries can be avoided by simply taking the proper safety measures ahead of time. So here are four ways you can protect your child’s eyes during sports:

  1.     Choose eyewear with UV protection

You are probably vigilant about having your child wear sunscreen during all of their outdoor games but did you know that the UV rays can damage their eyes as well? Make sure your child wears sunglasses with UV protection and you can even purchase a band to ensure the sunglasses stay put during games.

  1.     Use goggles or masks

Protective eyewear can keep your child’s eyes safe during their games. Many sports provide protective head gear already but a mask or goggles can protect your child’s eyes from rocks or balls on the field.

  1.     Take your child to regular eye exams

It is important to protect your child’s eyes both on and off the field. Regular eye exams will ensure that your child has healthy vision so they can do their best in school and during their extracurricular activities. And if your child is having trouble with their vision, this will put them at higher risk when they are playing sports.

Hopefully, this has given you some good ideas for how you can make sure your child stays safe while playing sports. Good habits are learned during childhood so encourage positive behaviors like limited screen time, adequate rest, and healthy eating habits as well. For more information about how you can protect your child’s eyes, schedule a comprehensive eye exam with one of our doctors.