Do you find it overwhelming to pick out holiday gifts for children? Do you pay attention to the age guidelines on different toys? December is safe toys and celebrations month.

It’s especially important to buy your children safe presents this holiday season! Riverside Eye Center Maine is working hard to educate patients and community members about the importance of giving safe gifts and practicing eye safety. During the holiday season, it’s even more important to be vigilant with your children and keeping them safe.

Unfortunately, thousands of eye injuries that occur are due to toys. Children 14 and under are the age group that is most affected by eye injuries from toys.

One thing is key: parents need to pay attention to the types of gifts they buy. They also need to pay attention to the gifts their children receive.

Always supervise your children when they are playing with toys as well. 10% of eye injuries in kids that end up in the ER are from toys.

If you are purchasing a gift for a child, there are tips that you should follow. Keep reading for our top 5 tips to follow when buying a gift for a child!

  1. If you are purchasing toys, make sure they are age-appropriate for the child. This means that if it says that this toy is for kids who are 5-years-old and up, you should not give it to a 3-year-old. Even if you think your child is able to use a toy, you should skip it until it is age-appropriate.
  2. When your child receives a toy, show them how to use it correctly and safely. This way they understand how to use it and can be safe while playing.
  3. Watch your child use their toys. While most people think that this is a tip for younger children, it applies to all kids. It is very important that parents supervise their kids while playing to make sure they are safe. If you have any doubts about a toy, do not let your kids play with it.
  4. Skip buying toys with projectiles for kids. This means that you should not give toys like BB Guns and crossbows to kids. These can be very dangerous, no matter what age your child may be.
  5. Avoid buying gifts that are pointy. This means that you should not buy gifts like swords, pens, pencils or any other supplies that are sharp. These supplies can become dangerous when little kids have them. Children are likely to take pointy things and try to put them in their eyes or injure themselves in some other way.

Don’t Forget These Toy-Related Tips!

This holiday season you should follow these toy-related tips too.

  • Repair or throw out any broken toys
  • Put away all toys once your kids have finished playing with them to prevent any injuries from tripping or falling on them
  • Avoid purchasing any toys with sharp edges
  • Inspect all the toys your children receive to make sure they are sturdy and safe

Avoid Eye Injuries

Children like to get into everything, even the things that they shouldn’t. This can result in plenty of bumps and scratches throughout childhood. Avoid serious injuries like traumatic cataracts, corneal abrasions, ocular hyphema, and increased inner eye pressure by following these smart tips about toys this holiday season!

If a toy seems like it could be potentially dangerous, you may want to re-think giving it to your child as a gift. Your child may be disappointed for a few minutes, but it’s worth it if you’re avoiding injury.

If you or a family member experience an eye injury, you should book an appointment as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment at Riverside Eye Center in Auburn, ME!