Are you starting to prepare for Halloween? Do you think about different ways to stay safe around Halloween?

Halloween is one of the most fun and spooky times of the year. There are costume parties, costumes to pick out and kids to take trick or treating. While Halloween is filled with fun, there are safety hazards to think about too. We all want to remember the fun we have during Halloween, but it is important to be safe as well.

Unfortunately, hundreds of Americans go to the ER each Halloween with eye injuries. The majority of these injuries happen because of costumes, masks, and makeup. Keep reading to find out why it’s important to be safe this Halloween Safety Month!

Cosmetic Contacts

While cosmetic contacts look cool, you should only get contacts from a doctor. You may want to look like a lizard on Halloween, but cosmetic contacts come with the same risks as regular ones.

Cosmetic contacts can cause eye infections, pain swelling, light sensitivity, pink eye, and more. You could even damage your cornea or lose your vision! If you insist on wearing cosmetic contacts, you need to get them from a doctor. It is illegal to get them from anyone else. Don’t buy them from an online vendor or from a store.

If you notice someone wearing cosmetic contacts, ask where they got them. If they didn’t get them from their eye doctor, they could be harming their vision.

Concerns for Children

Halloween is all about fun for kids but you need to be careful as well.

Clear Vision:

In order for your kids to be safe, they need to be able to see clearly. This means that when you are picking out a costume, you should check to see if they can see.

If they have a wig, hat, mask or eye patch, make sure it doesn’t block their vision. If it does, you should adjust it or not use it. For little kids, you should make sure that scarves or hats are secured tightly, so they do not fall down. Finally, go trick or treating in the daylight.

This way everyone can see clearly. If you decide to go at night, bring several flashlights so everyone can see while outside!

Costume Selection:

It is important to pick out a costume your kids like and is safe. A safe costume means that all props are age-appropriate and do not have any sharp points.

These props include swords, spears or wands. If a child falls and is holding one of these props, it can injure them. Also, you need to make sure if anyone has a cape that it is a safe length. This way, your child won’t trip or fall because of it.


When deciding to use make-up you should get hypoallergic makeup. Adults should safely put makeup on their kids to keep it out of their eyes. You need to avoid using expired makeup or makeup from last year’s Halloween. This is an easy way to get an eye infection in adults or kids.

If you do not remember when you bought the makeup, throw it out and get new products. Remember, makeup is a good alternative to masks. Do you need cosmetic contacts for your Halloween costume? Schedule an appointment with one of Riverside Eye Center’s great doctors in Auburn, ME!