Summer is here which means you are most likely looking forward to barbecues, afternoons spent at the pool, and 4th of July fireworks. Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars on fireworks that will end up causing over 9,000 injuries. With the 4th of July only weeks away, we wanted to remind you to practice safety on this special holiday.

Fireworks can make your 4th of July more memorable but it’s important to remember that they aren’t toys. If used carelessly, fireworks can cause devastating eye injuries. You will have more fun and enjoy fireworks more knowing that you and your family are safe.  Here are four tips for using fireworks safely this 4th of July:

Don’t let children play with fireworks

It can be tempting to let children play with firecrackers or sparklers but they are simply too dangerous and kids could get seriously injured. If you do allow your child to play with a sparkler, monitor them at all times and make sure they keep it away from their face and clothing

Always use fireworks outdoors

Make sure you use fireworks outdoors only and always have water nearby in case of an accident.

Use care when lighting fireworks

Be very careful when you are lighting fireworks and never put your hand over them or lean over them while you are lighting them. Always be careful to steer clear of others as well because fireworks can easily shoot off in the wrong direction or backfire.

Don’t pick up fireworks after they have already been ignited

Once fireworks have already been lit, they should either be soaked in water or left alone. Never try to relight a firework or let your children pick up pieces of fireworks the next day as some could still be ignited and explode.

Hopefully, you found these tips helpful and can put them to good use. By taking the necessary precautions we know your holiday will be a fun and memorable occasion! Should an injury occur, you should always go to the hospital immediately. And if you child should sustain an eye injury it is important that you make sure they don’t touch or rub the injury.

Keeping your health and safety in mind is still important even once the holidays are over. By staying on top of your comprehensive vision exams, you can make the health of your eyes a priority. Early detection and treatment are critical for protecting your eyes from common eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive eye exam with one of our doctors.