Imagine being free to enjoy the best moments in life without worrying about glasses and contacts. Here are seven unforgettable experiences that are even better after LASIK.

1. Daily Parenting

While your child is little, every moment is precious. Glasses or contacts may have worked fine last year, but now you value anything that streamlines your routine so you can focus on what matters. With LASIK, you’ll be ready for spontaneous running and play. You’ll be able to grab a book and read aloud whenever the moment is right. And you can enjoy every cuddle without worrying about your glasses getting in the way.

2. Being There For Your Child’s Big Moments

There are some moments in life that only come once. Imagine witnessing your child’s first public speech, their college graduation, or their wedding ceremony. With LASIK, you won’t miss a second. Many people report that after the procedure, their vision is better than it ever was with glasses or contacts.

3. Interviews and Auditions

LASIK can make all the difference in moments when poise and self-confidence are key. Imagine being able to put your best foot forward, knowing that you look as great as you feel. Plus interviewers can actually see your eyes as you talk: that’s essential when you’re launching a new professional relationship and building trust.

4. Your Wedding

LASIK surgery is a wonderful way to celebrate your engagement and prepare for a bright future. Especially if you feel that glasses aren’t “the real you” now is the perfect time to start a new life with the best vision you’ve ever had. You’ll feel confident on your big day, you’ll look your best, and you’ll have crisp, clear memories to cherish forever.

5. Your Dream Adventure

LASIK sets you free to roam. Imagine being able to take off for the Amazonian rainforest, or sail around the world, without worrying about lenses and solutions and emergency backup glasses. After LASIK, you can go anywhere your heart desires, from lion-watching on the African plains to deep-sea diving in the Indian Ocean. If you’re looking forward to retirement, LASIK will enable you to take full advantage of your new freedom. You’ll be amazed at the natural beauty of beaches, mountains, and wilderness.

6. Career Changes

Do you dream of moving into a career that demands excellent vision? Imagine the moment when you’re accepted into the Navy, or the day you earn your pilot’s license. Professional designers, architects, and photographers also need to be able to see exceptionally well. Before LASIK, poor vision barred many gifted people from realizing their dreams. Now that’s a hurdle you can leap.

7. Peak Athletic Experiences

When you’re playing sports at a high level, you need exceptional eyesight, fast focusing power, and great peripheral vision. In many cases (like diving, surfing, or racing on rough, dusty roads), wearing glasses just isn’t possible. Contacts can be helpful until you lose one, or until you get dust or sweat in your eyes at the worst possible moment. For many serious athletes, LASIK is the solution that allows them to reach their true potential. (Gold medal, anyone?)

If you’re finally ready to experience life without the constraints of glasses or contacts, schedule a LASIK consultation with Riverside Eye Center in Norway or Augusta!